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Stories of People and Land

Alexis and Gillies Robertson, Skyelark Ranch

After farming in the Capay Valley for six years, the Robertsons felt priced out of the local land market. In 2017, their solution was found in Siskiyou County. By combining a FarmLink mortgage loan with a loan from the USDA Farm Service Agency, they were able to purchase a 50-acre ranch and residence in Edgewood. Skyelark Ranch offers grass-fed lamb, pastured pork, eggs, and poultry through restaurants, retail outlets and directly to consumers who want a high standard of healthy, local, and sustainably produced meats. The meats are offered as individual cuts at farmers markets, and people can pre-order larger quantities. Alexis and Gillies are also innovating with value-added products including yarn and sheepskins. For people who value local foods in their region, they are asset, producing livestock at a small scale.

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