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You have poured the last few years of your life into establishing your farming, ranching or fishing business and now you are ready to work on making your business (and your life!) sustainable for the long run. You need business knowledge, accounting skills, a vision for business resilience, and a plan for how to get there.
We’ve got you covered.

California FarmLink works with hundreds of small and medium-scale farmers and ranchers and we learn from them everyday. We have designed our Resilience educational program specifically to address the needs of farmers, ranchers and now fishers, looking to strengthen their businesses.

The core of our Resilience program is the 10-week Resilerator, a comprehensive  business curriculum designed for farmers, ranchers and fishers with at least two years of experience as a business owner. We also offer topical workshops for Resilerator graduates (who are proud “Resilerators”) to help them in their continued quest for farm or fishery business management excellence.

 In order to be eligible, we ask that you meet the following requirements:

  • Own or lease land or infrastructure where you operate a farm, ranch, or fishery business in California
  • Own your own farm or ranch business, or have been an operator in your family’s farm, ranch  or fishery business for at least two years
  • For farmers, it’s focused on row crops, nursery products, and poultry or livestock (the course does not apply to agricultural operations that are primarily vineyards or orchards with only one harvest and one customer)

Other Resilience programming includes workshops, resources and videos, and occasional workshops that are open to farmers who have not yet taken the Resilerator course.

The Resilerator

The Resilerator is like a business accelerator, but the emphasis is on long-term resilience and sustainable profits and practices rather than an accelerated sprint towards short-term profits. The Resilerator begins with each participant completing our Business Resilience Self-assessment. The next ten weeks cover topics including business structure, labor, land tenure, accounting, taxation, credit, insurance, and regulatory compliance. The course ends with setting realistic goals for improving business practices for the next 2-3 years.

The Resilerator relies on peer-to-peer learning with farmers serving as co-teachers alongside course instructors.

“I’m looking forward to creating more professional profit/loss and cash flow documents and projecting them out a few years so that I can make more educated decisions.”
– Farmer/Resilerator 2021


When you complete the course, you become a Resilerator: eligible for one-on-one technical assistance, bookkeeping clinics, and occasional workshops on advanced topics such as determining your cost of production/operations, shaping the tax treatment of your business, and accounting for value-added production. You will also become eligible for Recovery and Resilience Loans (at 0% interest and with no fees) when you apply for financing from California FarmLink.

The Resilerator is offered in the winter months. Keep in touch to learn more: sign up today or visit our blog for the latest news from California FarmLink.

Become a Resilerator!
Please review the course criteria and fill out the waitlist below, and we will be in touch with next steps for the 2023-2024 cohort.
Waitlist: 2023-2024 Resilerator
Other resources for Resilience
QuickBooks “How to” Videos – Open to all

This series of ten short bookkeeping videos will help you:

  • Set your QuickBooks up using the Model Chart of Accounts
  • Record accounts payable and payments made (basic)
  • Invoice customers (basic)
  • Invoice customers and track the items and quantities you sell (advanced)
  • Reconcile your bank accounts and credit card accounts (basic)
  • Record owner’s contributions and draws (basic)
  • Record depreciation and asset purchases and sales (advanced)
Planned for 2022 – for Resilerators only!
  • How To Prepare to File Your Taxes
We are always looking for new ideas for seminars and presenters.
If you have ideas for a seminar or a presenter please let us know!

The Resilience program is generously sponsored by:

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