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Loan Types and Terms

From starter loans to land loans, California FarmLink’s lending is designed specifically for farmers and ranchers, and now fishers!

Our clients appreciate our focus on resource-based economies and flexibility that meets their needs. We actively support sustainable and organic agriculture, regenerative farming, direct marketing, and diversified farms. Our staff has deep experience in farm lending and small business development. We invite you to make a Farm Loan Inquiry to learn more. Starting in October 2021, we are also able to help California-based, family-scale fishers to access affordable capital. Fisheries businesses are invited to make a Fisheries Loan Inquiry.

Our current loan products include:

FARM LOAN TYPES Use of funds Loan amounts Annual interest rate Loan fee (due prior to loan) Repayment terms
Starter Loans (new businesses) General farm/ranch expenses $1,500-5,000 Rates from 7-8% 2% 12-14 months
Operating Loans Seeds/transplants, rent, labor, marketing, etc. $5,000-$1.825M Rates from 7-8% 2% 12-14 months
Term Loans for Equipment, Conservation, Orchards, etc Tractors, vehicles,  irrigation, cover crops, habitat, wells, hoop houses, etc. $5,000-$1.825M Rates from 7-8% 2% 1-7 years
Land Loans Purchase or refinance of ag land Up to $1.825M 7.24% for 30-year fixed 1% – 2% based on loan size Up to  30 years
Line of Credit Payment advance for accounts receivable (with buyer contract) $5,000- $100,000 1% per transaction 2% 30 days; repaid by contracted buyer
Note: For loans >$50,000, California FarmLink typically requires a loan guarantee from the USDA Farm Service Agency, which we can help to facilitate. If your needs are not listed, please contact us.


FISHERY LOAN TYPE Use of funds Loan amounts Annual interest rate Loan fee (due prior to loan) Repayment terms
Fisheries Loan Fisheries business expenses
(Permits, Quota, Vessels, Gear, Equipment, Engines, Processing, Working Capital)
Up to $250,000  Rates from 6-8% 2% 1-10 years


We also provide conservation financing for working farms and ranchers. If you want to invest in more conservation benefits on your farm or ranch, learn about our Conservation Loans.

California FarmLink is a licensed lender. Our loans are made pursuant to our California Finance Lenders License (#605 4397), issued by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.

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