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California FarmLink helps farmers and ranchers identify and act on land opportunities. By registering you’ll be able to contact landholders about land listings as well as connect with other landseekers.

In order to qualify as a Landseeker, you need to have:

1) Current management/decision-making role in an agricultural business in California

2) Two or more years of farming experience (earning farm income as an owner or employee)

3) significant field experience or agricultural training.

We ask you to briefly describe your experience and plans in our Landseeker Profile. You may also upload your resume and/or business plan for FarmLink staff review. You can choose to have your profile listed online, visible only to other active members, to share your interests and credentials.

To protect your privacy, only people registered with FarmLink will be able to contact you, and they won’t see your email address unless you reply to their inquiry. The same applies for landholders you reach through our network. For help developing a strong land lease or purchase agreement we recommend you contact a FarmLink Regional Program Coordinator.

Technical Assistance: We provide technical assistance and referrals on these and other topics.

  • Farmland leases and purchase agreements: We can help you develop new agreements, review existing agreements, provide referrals to lawyers and other farm service professionals, and support communication and negotiations with landowners.
  • Succession planning: We provide guidance on approach and resources, and referrals to accountants/CPAs, family communications specialists, and attorneys for estate planning and business transition.
  • Farming on land protected by an agricultural conservation easement: We provide insights, resources, and tools related to public lands, land trusts, and the structures and terms of agricultural easements.
  • Business skills: Increase your planning and record-keeping skills, and learn how to grow your business to meet your long-term goals.
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