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About our Events and Workshops

We specialize in presenting workshops on access to land, farm financing, and farm succession planning. Check back soon to find out about upcoming workshops!

Farm Finance Expos

Loan officers from California FarmLink, local banks and the Farm Service Agency share with participants advice on how to best apply for a loan and what their different loan programs have to offer. California FarmLink staff also discusses alternative financing strategies less commonly used by beginning farmers to pay for equipment/infrastructure or operations.

Access to Land

California FarmLink staff discuss options available to farmers concerning access to land for farming, including a variety of leases and purchase agreements. We cover the importance of securing written agreements and innovative strategies for finding and securing land for a timeline appropriate for each farmer’s needs.

Farm Succession Planning

Work with statewide and local professionals to provide sound legal and financial planning advice. These workshops help farmers and their families understand estate planning and how to plan for their farm’s continued production in the future.

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