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Make a Farm Loan Inquiry

For new, existing, or repeat borrowers: Choose the loan type in which you are interested and submit an inquiry to start the loan application process. You will be directed to Lenderfit, a platform that FarmLink uses to manage loan applications. Please create an account (if you don’t already have one) and submit your inquiry form.

The information in your inquiry form will allow us to determine if FarmLink is the best fit for your needs. Please answer the questions with as much detail as you can provide. You will receive an email upon submission of this inquiry and a FarmLink staff member will follow up with you within a week.

If your needs are not listed or you would like additional information, please contact us.

If you are reviewing this information on a mobile device, please click here to complete your loan inquiry.

LOAN TYPES Use of funds Loan amounts Annual interest rate Loan fee (due prior to loan) Repayment terms
Operating Loans General farm/ranch expenses, seeds, transplants, rent, labor, marketing, etc. $1,500-$1.825M Rates from 7-8% 2% 12-14 months Inquire about an Operating Loan
Term Loans Equipment, tractors, vehicles, irrigation, wells, hoop houses, conservation, orchard development, etc. $5,000-$1.825M Rates from 7-8% 2% 1-7 years Inquire about a Term Loan
Land Loans Purchase or refinance of agricultural land Up to $1.825M Rates vary, typically 5-7% 1% – 2% based on loan size Up to  30 years Inquire about a Land Loan
Note: For loans >$50,000, California FarmLink typically requires a loan guarantee from the USDA Farm Service Agency, which we can help to facilitate.


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