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Landholder Registration

Thank you for your interest in creating a Land Listing. By registering you’ll be able to share your land opportunity with hundreds of Landseekers and access our technical assistance programs. Join in supporting our mission to link independent farmers and ranchers with the land and financing they need for a sustainable future.

After paying the annual listing fee, you will receive an email with a link. You must use that link to create a Land Listing. You can post up to three photos now, and you can add more when you receive access to the Land Portal. The process will build a complete picture for Landseekers and help to inform our work with you.

Please only use this form if this is a new registration and you have never registered with California FarmLink. If you are registered or have ever had a Land Portal registration with FarmLink and need to renew, or are unsure about your registration status, please contact us. Thank you.

Landholder Registration

Note: California FarmLink staff members review each Land Listing, sometimes with the assistance of volunteer advisors and consultants. The review is based on agronomic and economic factors including past agricultural use, soils, water access, infrastructure, climate, ecology, suitable uses, proximity to markets and services, etc. FarmLink is unable to assist farmers growing crops that are illegal under federal law. FarmLink does not work with equestrian facilities, timber or sod operations at this time. Staff may contact you with questions about your submission. Thank you in advance.




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