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Amador #2208


Amador #2208


Up to 54 acres for lease in Fiddletown. Current lessees raise goats, sheep and poultry but leases are set to expire or renegotiate this summer. For most of the past 20 years the land has sustained up to 60 head year-round but 40-50 is ideal with the potential for more in the spring and summer. Property is fully fenced with 48″ field fencing and barbwire top and bottom. A cadres of Kangol, Akbash, Pyrenees, Maremma and Border Collies have successfully kept the lions and coyotes at bay for some years now. Plenty of water already plumbed to livestock stations in each of four cross-fenced areas. The individual areas are approximately 25 acres, 12 acres, 17 acres and 2 acre. All but the smallest are mixed grass and woodland with plenty of grass and browse. Inquire as to your wants and needs, we accept smaller stock rather than large cattle or horses. Residential arrangements are possible with new or existing Tiny-House, RV, Trailer or other.

Current farming practices on property: Organic

Acres Available for Lease or Purchase: 54

County: Amador

Land is fenced: Yes

Landowner's preferred business arrangement: Lease

Expected lease rate for farm/ranch property: negotiable based upon agricultural use, number of acres desired and residency requirements

Landowner is willing to advise or mentor the tenant farmer: Yes

On-site Housing is Available: Yes

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