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Add Your Land Listing

Please use the form below to describe your land opportunity in detail. The information you provide will be reviewed by FarmLink staff for approval and we may have follow-up questions prior to activation. Please allow 3-5 business days for your Land Listing to be published on the site. Thank you.

Land Listing

Numbers only, for example, 10.25

Review other listings on our site for guidance and inspiration:

For assistance determining an appropriate range for your opportunity, consult these resources or contact your California FarmLink regional coordinator.

* Please read our hemp update.

Limit: 18 characters.

Limit: 18 characters.

Information that is NOT posted online.

California FarmLink only lists properties that are located in California.

Five digits only.
California FarmLink keeps the following information confidential. We collect this data for aggregate reporting purposes, which helps us to better understand the communities we serve. Thank you.

Please upload photos that are landscape/horizontal orientation, and ideally less than 2 MB in size.

Photos larger than 2 MB will slow the upload speed when you click submit.

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