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California FarmLink’s Land Access & Farm Business Education Program is rooted in growing equity and prosperity among farmers of color, next-generation and women farmers.

Our approach to farm and ranch business education is delivered through English- and Spanish-language educational programs. The program is called Resilience and features a unique course called The Resilerator. Its Spanish-language version is Resiliencia y Prosperidad  and both programs focus on long-term resilience and sustainable profits and practices. The courses help farmers to understand and analyze the connections between people, land, and activities within their businesses and how those factors impact business structures and the balance sheet.

Both approaches, Resilience and Wealth Building, integrate California FarmLink’s lending, land access, business education, and technical assistance to provide opportunity for farmers’ growth and success. We also support succession planning.  The Regenerator: A Year of Farm Succession Planning helps farm and ranch families establish actionable plans to create  opportunities for the next generation.

Thank you for your interest in our educational programs, follow the links above to enroll or contact us.

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