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Alfredo Gonzalez

Loan Officer

Food is how we connect to the land, and I am passionate about helping farmers continue to do what they do best. In partnership with California FarmLink I hope to increase access to capital for farmers, especially those in the Sacramento area.

Anna Doerner

Grant Writer

The dedication, perseverance, and courage required of farmers, fishers, and ranchers inspire me to commit my skills and experience to support their vitally important work.

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Alejandro Fregoso

Loan Operations Associate - Credit & Collections

Through working at California Farmlink, I hope to give back to that community by providing guidance and support toward the business goals of farmers, ranchers, and fishers across the state.

Asia Hampton

Business Skills Advisor

I am passionate about connecting small business owners of marginalized identities to the resources they need to build long-term stability and wealth in their communities.

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Andrea Levy

Program Manager, Wealth Building and Resilience

“My work at Farmlink allows me to advocate for and understand the needs of the farmers at the base of our food systems, which is aligned with my passion to foster a more regenerative, supportive, diverse, and resilient food system.”

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Brett Melone

Chief Business Strategies Officer

“I grew up in agriculture and experienced its beauty, bounty and challenges. My work contributes in a tangible way to improving the lives of the people who feed us and their ability to care for the land.”

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David Mancera

Business Skills Advisor, Consultant

"Agriculture is the foundation of any community and I feel privileged to be part of a larger community that believes in supporting the economic viability of the next generation of sustainable, organic farmers and ranchers.”

Emily Buczko

Communications and Development Associate

“Working at California FarmLink provides me with the opportunity to uplift the voices of farmers, ranchers, and fishers across the state.”

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Flor Blancas

Loan Officer

"I am a mission-driven loan officer servicing small farmers and ranchers in California by helping them get access to capital."

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Gary E. Peterson

Director of Communications and Philanthropy

“For more than 20 years I’ve had the privilege of working to advance the good food movement.”

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