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Request for Proposals to Support California FarmLink’s Development of Farmworker Housing Strategy and Operational Plan


California FarmLink has long recognized the importance of housing for farmworkers and agricultural laborers as a critical component of farm viability and farmworker health, wellbeing, and justice. The availability and quality of housing can determine a farm’s ability to attract and retain labor, which can make or break farm operations and profitability. Living in degraded, crowded units or being forced to travel long distances to work can cause adverse health impacts and economic distress for farmworkers. Exacerbated by California’s statewide housing shortage, the lack of sufficient farmworker housing units is a significant barrier to FarmLink’s vision for a healthy food system where farmers and ranchers have equitable opportunities to build wealth and conserve natural resources.


FarmLink seeks proposals from consultant(s) with expertise in agricultural labor, housing, and land use to support the organization’s development of a strategy and operational plan to invest in high quality farmworker housing units for California small and mid-scale farmers, ranchers, and the laborers with whom they work.


Develop an Engagement Strategy and Operational Plan for FarmLink to invest in farmworker housing projects, and present to the executive team and Board of Directors for feedback.


The following are recommended areas of research and focus to successfully execute the project. 1. Document the current and upcoming economic, regulatory, and political landscape governing farmworker housing and project development. 2. Research and analyze housing development/construction financing methods. 3. Identify recent and current farmworker housing developers, partners, and projects. 4. Identify farmers, including FarmLink clients, with potential for farmworker housing developments. Relevant variables include: landowner, operation size, labor demand, farm profit stability, H2-A Visa sponsorship.


Competitive proposals will provide an initial scope of work with a budget not to exceed $10,000 and work completed within 90 days. Work plan will be developed collaboratively to prioritize tasks strategically, with a focus on the project’s long-term objectives. Based on the initial work, additional budget may be allocated for further work.


Interested parties should submit a brief letter outlining their qualifications and proposed work plan to Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis.

Download Full Position Announcement Here.

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